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The Clutter Consultant provides personalized de-cluttering and organizing services for home or office. Services also provided are packing and unpacking assistance, organization maintenance and pre-staging preparation.

The Clutter Consultant will do the work for you when you just can't get it done. Add more time and energy to your day. Remove the stress that drains you day after day. Feel great about the space you're in!!

"The Clutter Consultant was worth EVERY PENNY!! Thank you for all you have done for us!!"
Charlotte NC

"Staging with The Clutter Consultant SOLD MY HOME!! They were polite, had great insight and very honest. After staging we considered staying-it looked amazing! We had offers immediately and after multiple offers, we sold above asking price!"
Matthews NC

Lianne is an absolute ANGEL! After finding out I had bedbugs, I had to clear decades of clutter in a hurry, so the exterminators could treat my space. None of the hauling companies would take my stuff because of the bedbugs. I was in absolute panic!! Out of the goodness of her heart, Lianne introduced me to an exterminator and spent a lot of time searching to find the only company in my area that would haul away my "junk". I am forever indebted to her for helping in my time of need. Lianne has a heart of gold and I highly recommend her services.

"Lianne Hofer, The Clutter Expert, is just that, an expert. She has the natural ability to assess the challenge as well as the one who has allowed the challenge. Her discernment, fun personality and laughter along with the de-cluttering and then organizing skills, makes her a joy to work with. Lianne is sensitive yet assertive in helping people make decisions about the items they really need, are attached to or need to let go. She does all this without judging and keeps her clients' best interest at heart. Lianne and I spent 7 hours over two days organizing my office space. I now know where everything is and where it should be. It is up to me to straighten up, keep my space neat and use the systems we decided on (which is always a work in progress). Someone keeps messing up my desk though!! Thank you Lianne for your great help! I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone ready to de-clutter, organize and save time/money on trying to "find" something."
Nancy White, owner Rejvn8u

Last April, I needed to move from a rental house in Charlotte where I'd only lived for 18 months. The owner was putting the house on the market. Since I still owned a home in Georgia, purchasing was not an option. This was the third move I've made in 4 years. Having raised a family, I own BIG STUFF- not milk crates. Though I only moved 0.4 miles from this rental home, my move was a major disruption. I have a demanding job not a lot of extra time. The biggest problem was my craft room. With frequent relocation, I hadn't had the time to organize it for years. I simply closed the door and left everything piled high. I hadn't been able to enjoy my relaxing hobby.

When the moving company came for the estimate, the chaos of my craft room clearly concerned them. The mover referred me to Lianne.

Well, What a gift she was! First and foremost, she's a total sweetheart. The mess did not intimidate her (as it did me). We simply got started. Stuff was sorted for donation, trash and keep. Just having someone help conquer the disarray made it much less daunting. We worked a few hours here and there as I was able to schedule. Everything was boxed up nicely for the move.

Lianne also helped me set up my new house. It was challenging because I downsized significantly. We worked hard and whipped the house into shape much quicker than I ever could have alone. I am so grateful for Lianne's skills and also her warmth. If you are looking for someone to help you sort some chaos in your life, Lianne is the one. You will understand what I am saying if you take the opportunity to meet her and allow her to assist your organizational needs.

"Thank you for the direction and game plan. Best 90 minutes ever! I have a plan and steps to tackle my home. Thank you!!"
Union County NC.

Who says organized can't be done? That was me until I spent 3 full days with Lianne. My home was a cluttered mess which caused my life to be drained of energy. Now I get up in the mornings looking forward to the day. I know where EVERYTHING is (amazing!) and get ready for work in record time- consistently. If you invest in spending time with Lianne, even for just a few hours, she WILL HELP you make simple changes that are tailored to your needs and can last your lifetime-she even comes back to keep you on track! Thank you Lianne for your guidance, motivation and ideas.
Happily Organized in KY

Lianne Hofer is the "Amazing Clutter Consultant" I say amazing because I have seen her in action, and that is the most accurate description I can use. She turned my Topsy-Turvy office into an organized showcase and I am THRILLED! She then followed with a check up call to help keep me on track by devising an easy system I can use every day. Still smiling and it's been more then a month! It's working!! Thanks loads Lianne! You're the BEST!!
Leanne Cannon, Dream Achievers Unlimited

We had an offer in the first week! Largely due to Lianne, our house had an offer in the first week-over asking price! You were great to work with. I have been telling everyone about you because you were so easy to work with and you were simply fantastic! Thank YOU!!!

Click here to listen to The Clutter Consultant interview with Francoise Rose Jeans on.

Thank you for all your help getting me organized and helping me rediscover some cherished items. You are an angel!
C. S. -NC

Lianne, you were wonderful!! I will be asking you to assist on my next listing-Thank you for your assistance-the home went under contract in less then two weeks! One Highly Satisfied Real Estate Agent

Master bedroom before and after. Client simply de-cluttered the space with me (so I knew what was being kept and what was being taken away) then it was organized together. Working together on this project the client knows where things are and helped to create new systems to maintain once the appointment was completed. She was so thrilled she was jumping up and down clapping!! It is so wonderful to give someone that happiness with what they already own!!

The only investment in the project was time and The Clutter Consultant. There were no additional storage options or shelving bought on this project.



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