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Owner of The Clutter Consultant. Family and friends used to ask her to help in their homes and they helped to hone the skills used with today's clients. Lianne wants all her clients to get through their stuff, to find the gems in the home that make the client love the space. With a big heart Lianne makes all her clients feel at ease! She has a natural ability to see past the stuff that her clients call about and work with them to find the vision with them.


Yes! We have a man on our team. He is awesome and some jobs require him to be onsite. He was well trained by his mom to be very organized and he isn't afraid to ask any question he has. He receives many compliments, perhaps you will see him on your project!


Biz joins the team from a cold place somewhere. She is a mom and super fun! Bringing her own view, as someone who was challenged with wanting to keep stuff, she challenges different thinking. Biz is a whiz at every session and we love her sense of humor. Perhaps she will grace your project with amazing ideas! 


Christina is our master folder. She has the ability to fold most anything! Christina is hardworking and super sweet. She will transform a space and leave it (and you) feeling wonderful! Christina teaches yoga, is a Reiki practitioner and is one of the most positive ladies you will ever meet!


A marine who gets it done right! Tina makes the space look amazing and can transform most anything with a little paint and elbow grease. Tina is a calming influence when we are all digging in. She loves the military so much, her son has joined! With Tina on the job, we get it done!


Amy is our semi-secret weapon. She frequently is asked to assist in the field and does a great job when we can get her out from behind the computer! (With her gaggle of kids behind her, that can be a challenge!) Amy helps out regularly and she might be calling to confirm your appointment!


Lisa is our team member who has sort and purge in her veins. She will push up her sleeves and work with you to eliminate the stuff that is bogging you down-whether it is to donate, store or put away properly. With practice as a mom and wife-she's moved often and seen it all (well she has seen a lot) Lisa will assist you with a caring warm heart and can offer lots of questions to assist you to come to a decision that's right for you.

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