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"The Clutter Consultant-Thank you for such an amazing job and making me look so good!!"
- Real Estate Agent with Sotheby's

Wouldn't it be great to find what you are looking for when you need it? The average time spent looking for keys is 6 minutes-and think of the stress it causes. Would you like to reduce stress caused by an unorganized space? We spend an average of 1-3 years of our lives looking for lost or misplaced articles. Have you moved or about to move and need or want help to pack/unpack? Would you like assistance getting your home ready to put on the real estate market? Do you have a family member downsizing or going to assisted living? Would you like help? The goal is seeing your stress melt away as these tasks are completed.


Did your parents downsize and unload their unwanted furniture into your home? Have your kids left you with more stuff them you know what to do with? Have you used the phrase "Excuse the mess?", or been embarrassed to let someone in your home? Do you see piles everywhere? Perhaps the closets have gotten smaller since you have lived in your home. It happens. We have solutions.


Have you been "Urban Camping" before? You know, move in and the first night the bed isn't made and there is no coffee that first morning....just a sea of boxes? Our clients don't! This can feel like an overwhelming task! Getting each box unpacked, each item addressed and finding the best place for it to call home is the process. We eliminate "Urban Camping" by setting up the bed so the first night it is made for you to snuggle in. Enjoy coffee and breakfast the first morning! We have been known to bring homemade breads or coffee that first day!


Take a look at what is in your cupboards, closets and piled on the counters. Wonder where it all came from-or what in the world to do with it all? It has a place. Somewhere. Perhaps it is kept in the home, perhaps it goes somewhere else. Perhaps it goes to a charity (and we work with a few). Occasionally it does go into the trash, but we try real hard to keep items out of the trash! Having your things set up in a functioning system creates ease of living!

How do we do it?

It all starts with a phone call. We talk to be sure we are a good fit for each other and we can help. If not, we work with many businesses in the area and can direct you to who is your best fit for your need. If we are an ideal fit , the next step is a consultation. This is extremely important so we can establish the plan and discuss your goals and needs.

During this consultation, we take about an hour sometimes an hour and a half and walk your property or spaces that you are interested in. You have a conversation with us about what you want addressed, what your time frame is and similar information . We create that plan together. A road map to get you from here to there (where ever there is). Then we schedule according to the meeting.

Just like each situation is unique each plan is custom. We will work with most timelines and budgets. Typically the sessions start with at least 3 hours to get the most from the time together. Each session starts with a plan for the session time and concludes with us taking your donations to a local charity. The receipt is yours. This is done complimentary so once the decision is made, it's done.

What are you waiting for?
You deserve to love every space in your home. Stop muttering about your clutter, call The Clutter Consultant!

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