The Clutter Consultant was created for two main reasons. First we are here to simplify the moving process and second to reduce stress in the home caused by our stuff.

For so many of us, stuff comes into the home then gets stuck. We stash in corners, piled in closets and squished in behind closed doors. It works on us, causing stress.

I watched my mother pile, stack, stick, squash and close the door on the things in our home. The struggle was real-no time to address it, no energy to deal with it and often no plan.

Moving is stressful and packing it all up means unpacking it and giving things new homes at your new address.

The Clutter Consultant is here to help you create the plan to navigate the clutter and eliminate disorganization. Call now-you deserve to love your home's space! 704-964-2428

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Purge before you move for less stress when you arrive at the new address.

We will help you begin the packing process and eliminate the items with you that you don't want to to take with you.


Get set up in a functional fashion from the very start! We will work with your movers or independently. Having each box addressed with our team leads to reduced stress and your home functioning faster. We even make the beds, fold the linens and sort kitchen items for expiration dates.


Did you know that the average time looking for lost keys is 6 minutes? We guess it's the 6 minutes you don't have. Once your home is organized it will be a breeze to find what you're looking for. We will work with you to create systems for staying

Moving can be stressful!

The Clutter Consultant is the concierge for your things. Reduce your stress and call now.

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